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Step back in time at the Alanreed Travel Center. Here in Alanreed, we are big enough to serve and still small enough to care. Enjoy our small town atmosphere, get yourself a refreshing drink, (We have beer and wine too But please don't drink and drive!), and while there pick up a gift to remember your trip or take back somethin' for a friend or loved one! The Alanreed Travel Center is your one-stop-shop for fuel, snacks, beer, wine and gifts.
Traveling? Need a gift? At the Alanreed Travel Center you will find tons of unique gifts that are sure to please!


mapLocated on the old Route 66 (Now Interstate 40) in Gray County between Groom, Texas and McLean, Texas , the Alanreed Travel Center is in the perfect spot for the weary traveler.



Tired from a long drive? Then stay the night in one of our custom country motel rooms or pull on in to the RV Park. Each room has one-of-a-kind decorating and picturesque charm.


Post Cards

Collect post cards? Stop in and see our collection of post cards made just for Alanreed! You won't find these anywhere else.  If you collect post cards, contact us and we will send you one! Need a stamp to mail that postcard?


Well you're in luck, the Alanreed Travel Center is also a Contract United States Post Office! We can also mail some packages for you too!


Touring the country? Stop for a great photo opportunity and see an original Route 66 landmark! Take a picture in the Alanreed Jail cell (just please don't leave 'em locked up! See what happened to Snake Oil Willy), propped up next to our cowboy and cowgirl silhouettes, or next to one of our original western paintings.


So What DID Happened to Snake Oil Willy?


They tell ya, "Don't Mess With Texas". Boy were they right! This here is a gosh durn, by-golly, almost-not-quite-true tall tale of Snake Oil Willy. Ol' Willy came into town, stirrin' up dust devils and causin' a ruckus. I tell ya, the town folk just wouldn't stand fer it! So they tossed his no good mischief causin' tail into the lonely Alanreed Jail. Now one thing ya need to know about these here parts of the Texas Panhandle - we got us a few snakes up here; most of em if you don't bother them they ain't gonna bother you. But we do have some mean ones up here too. And wouldn't ya know, of them found Ol' Willy in that jail cell. Poor Ol' Willy, he just couldn't get away. Willy was laid out for a viewing and we've just been waiting fer his kinfolk to come and identify him and claim his remains.....but ain't no one showed up! They say, if you look real close, you can see the ghost of that old snake curled round ol' Willy's legs. When you stop in Alanreed, stop to pay your respects to Snake Oil Willy, and maybe see if you recognize him!

Snake Oil Willy